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Rome has the oldest Jewish community in the Diaspora, and its oldest catacombs; it has the oldest synagogue in Europe.

Rome has the Arch of Titus, the only direct representation of the Menorah of the Second Temple of Jerusalem in all the world.



Rome has suffered the Fascist discrimination of Jews and their deportation to Auschwitz.



Rome has 15,000 Jews who live in the Ghetto and other characteristic neighborhoods. 



Rome has the Reform Community of Beth Hillel.


Come share a singular cultural and spiritual experience with us.

Come live Reform Judaism in one of the oldest Jewish cities in the diaspora.


Come join us for Shabbat services.

Come share the Jewish holidays with us. 


Celebrate the most important moments of your life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Come to read from our Torah at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


Sign your Ketuba in the shadows of the Colosseum. 


Our services are held in English, Italian and Hebrew. 


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gio, maggio 13 2021 2 Sivàn 5781